Frances Loom





Frances Loom is an online purveyor of vintage rugs with a unique social media driven flash sale commerce model.   




Each Thursday, France Loom founder and self-proclaimed rug-slinger, Kelly Vittengl posts a batch of hand-selected vintage rugs on Frances Loom.  Once they are up, she posts on her wildly popular Instagram account announcing the weeks batch while giving a glimpse of one of the best rugs up for sale.  Within seconds, swarms of her 23K followers flock to her site to purchase rugs before they get snapped up by someone else. 

Kelly coined the term, rug-slinger, when she began her business two years ago.  In the last year, this new term sparked a trend wildfire as people began to use her unique business model to start their own competing businesses. 

As a design consultant to Frances Loom, I am in the process of designing a unique e-commerce platform that will support the high volume of users who compete each week for one of a kind items.  My goal is to simultaneously elevate their shopping experience with new delightful features to set Frances Loom apart from her ever increasing roster of competitors while showcasing what she does best.  



  •  Feature product information clearly to make quick decisions easy for customers

  • Encourage and reward return customers with new features by adding personal accounts

  • Further integrate social media to grow and encourage her powerful following

  • Design and employ a clean aesthetic highlighting the unique qualities of the rugs

  • Create a searchable archive of previous rugs as a resource for designers and enthusiasts

  • Angle the platform toward a future shopping experience employing augmented reality 




PROJECT   |  UI UX Design Consulting

TIMELINE  | Currently In Progress

TYPE  | Responsive Web - Mobile First







User Research Analysis

Competitive + Comparative Analysis

and soon ...

User & Site Flows

Affinity Diagrams

Information Architecture


Visual & Graphic Design

Interaction Design

 Social Media Integration




... I am researching customers and analyzing business data in order to thoroughly understand flash sale shopping habits in order to isolate current and potential pain points while searching for new opportunities to provide delightful experiences for users.

I am also conducting competitive analysis on a range of businesses with similar models as well as comparative analysis on successful methods of flash sale e-commerce & social commerce. 

This research will greatly inform my design process.  In the meantime, I am also photographing & styling images for the new site ( the one above is from our latest shoot! )Check back for updates in September!