MCR Projects is a creative studio founded by artist & designer Maggie Carson Jurow. Her creative practice focuses on UI UX & Visual Design, in addition to photography, art direction, styling, and branding. Maggie combines these elements to portray the authenticity of her clients' products with an honest & clean aesthetic. 

Her passion for simplifying complex systems is defined by her love of visual analytics.  Her persistent curiosity surrounding emergent patterns of behavior and experience is evident through themes of mapping and physical records that can be seen throughout her conceptual approach to art and design. 

While earning her MFA in Photography and Interactivity, her research explored  the relationship between physical and emotional records of trauma through a series of visual metaphors in the forms of photography, video, sculpture and interactive installation. 

Empathy has been at the center of her practice as an artist and designer as she has sought to explore the mental and emotional mirroring that occurs when we try to understand one another's experiences.  It is her belief that this is intrinsic to creating intelligent design.