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NextDoor connects neighbors through a well trusted and highly active social network. The Speaker Series would create new opportunities for education and engagement by enabling members to host curated speaking events in their homes.



Our design challenge was to design an addition to NextDoor through which curated speakers would be hosted for speaking events within homes in their neighborhood.

In order for this platform to work, three different user groups must be incentivized to participate. Speakers and hosts must have a way to agree on event details and how to split profit from ticket sales, and guests must have access to information prior to committing to attend an event. 




We designed a streamlined, low-resistance entry to a platform that incentivizes and supports participation in the series from all three groups of users.

Features of the platform reduce unknown factors that would discourage participation while visibly rewarding participants and visualizing the curation of the events.  

Safety, Liability and Security are visible and consistently addressed throughout the platform to provide safe, inviting and rewarding events within neighborhoods. 





PROJECT   |  Design Challenge

TYPE   | Web


J. Wang + B. Thompson + L. Liu + Myself

TIMELINE  |  Two Week Sprint


Solo Project

TIMELINE  | Two Week Sprint 




User Research | Interviews & Surveys

User & Site Flows

Affinity & Empathy Diagrams

Information Architecture 


Visual Design 

User Interaction Design

Usability Testing 





We conducted a thorough competitive analysis of platforms for event space rentals, creation and ticketing as well as home sharing services.  Using our findings, we developed a feature list and created a prioritization matrix that ranked their importance in respect to our users' unique pain points. 




We circulated an online survey on Facebook & NextDoor to gain insight on our target users' motivations and habits. 


  • Out of 60 responses, over 70% were currently active members of NextDoor. 


  • Of that 70% we found a majority accessed the platform using a web browser over mobile which drove our priority to design for web first. 

How do you access and participate in the NextDoor Platform?


This affinity diagram shows the needs of our three user groups and the features in our design that solve for those needs. This greatly informed our design decisions by revealing the distinct and shared needs of our users.



This prototype shows the progress we made as a team during our first two week sprint.










I continued working to iterate on our solutions in the following ways: 

  • Prioritize shared pain points by creating access to information and guaranteed event funding

  • Develop a more effective and efficient design that uses our research to solve for our users' pain points

  • Incentivize participation by streamlining the process of creating events

  • Reduce information fatigue by limiting redundant content

  • Fill information gaps to provide necessary information for all users




Remove redundant calls to action and unnecessary information.

Simplify event creation by removing the application process and allowing users list their own homes. 

Remove multiple search options and direct focus on filters and sorting.

Minimize visuals & simplify forms.


ADD  +

Add fee calculator to incentive participation & make payment feature clear.

Elevate status of speakers with visually impressive pages + premium profile account

Show link back to main NextDoor Site - match fidelity to new NextDoor design.

Add encouragement for hosts to make a profile. 

Make it obvious that Speakers are curated.

Include visible access to information about liability and insurance.




Rather than align with the current NextDoor design, I went back to the drawing board and based my design on the company's future vision of their platform which had just been revealed on their corporate site incorporating a translucent header and a clean, simplified interface. 

This is closer to the feel of their native app which is extremely well liked and highly rated by users within the Apple App Store. 




The Speaker Series holds great potential to engage and grow the strongly motivated and involved existing community of NextDoor. Moving forward, it could create an even more dynamic experience in the following ways : 

Adding a mobile feature within the existing native mobile application would increase participation in events.

Developing a podcast program to share events between neighborhoods.

Encourage and enable recording and live streaming of events to increase revenue, incentive and exposure for both speakers & hosts.

Support workshops, tastings and pop up shops to be hosted within homes using the same profit & space sharing agreement.