VOILA is a concept store in San Francisco offering fashion, home decor, and floral design in addition to being a modern nail and waxing studio.  

My role was to design the service experience including the storefront, the press products and signage in addition to the store's online and social media presence. 

Artboard 3.png

I designed a minimalist and eye-catching online platform that would be easy for the owner to maintain and update as the offerings within the store change over time.  I designed this platform to be responsive for mobile as many of their customers will be visiting the site on the while on mobile devices.   

I designed the in-store experience to exemplify the exotic minimalism at the heart of this concept store.  The was especially important since there were so many elements to this business.  Each element needed to be clear while they also needed to be integrated to create a unified and coherent store experience. 

In keeping with the minimalist vibe throughout the store, I designed the press products and signage to follow the clean lines and updated feel of the space.  The unique shape of the business cards was designed to echo the architectural shape of the storefront.

My client desired minimalist signage, so I designed these vinyls for the large storefront windows to take up very little visual space while having a strong visual impact and articulating the aesthetic brand for anyone passing by to encourage them to stop in.